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  • Beth Bradford brings tremendous expertise, a deep commitment to her students' wellness, energy and a generous spirit to her Pilates practice. Nerve damage on my right side from MS had begun to impact my balance as I aged and leg weakness made me vulnerable to frequent falls. I also was bothered by nagging lower back pain.  Beth guided our small class of 50+ baby boomers step-by-step to increased core strength and flexibility, patiently encouraging each of us to do what we could and challenging us to go a little further each week. I will never run a 5k but my leg strength and balance were transformed and I have zero back pain. Her genuine concern and unflagging encouragement make her an extraordinary teacher. Pilates in general and Beth in particular have been a wonderful blessing in my life!

                                                                                            -Terri O'Neil - Account Director: Packaging Industry




  • I came to Pilates with considerable skepticism after 1 ½ years trying to recover from 2 broken ankles and with only 2 months to answer my daughter’s challenge to join her in a 5K race. Beth enjoyed taking on a skeptic and she was more than up to the challenge. As she did with everyone in the class, she spent considerable time and effort understanding and working with my particular physical challenges. Not only did Beth get me to the point where I ran the 5K race, I was able to ski for the first time since breaking my ankles and felt more flexible than I had in 20 years. I got more benefit from 6 months of Pilates with Beth than years and thousands of dollars at the gym. I’ve had other Pilates instructors, but none with the attention to personal detail that Beth brought to the class.


                                                                                                           -Richard Kamm – Senior Client Partner



  • Beth Bradford is an amazing Pilates instructor.  Her deep understanding of the PIlates method combined with her abiltity to understand and motivate her students makes her the perfect teacher for beginners as well as more advanced students.  I studied with her for three years and those years completely changed my understanding of my body and what my body can do.  I realize now that I am strong and that strength makes me confident and ready to tackle any challenge....physical or otherwise.  Beth's deep compassion and great sense of humor make any class a pleasure.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

                                                                                                         -Tami Coyne - Spiritual Coach, Counselor



  • After 20 years as a Pilates student at four of the major studios here in NYC, I finally found Beth. She is charming, delightful & smart. A brilliant diagnostician, she sweetly, gently and firmly corrected sloppy habits, added personalized exercises and gave me a new interest and understanding of my body.  AND I always got a great workout.  Italy is fortunate to have gained such a great instructor.

                                                                                                        -Adina Cohen - Owner, Argosy Book Store

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