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Corporate & Group Training

Benefits of Corporate Pilates...

Spiky Ball

Team Building

"Those that move together, bond together," and therefore, work better together.  

Spiky Ball

Rejuvenate & Motivate Your Team

Incentivize your team to maintain a healthy lifestyle and watch productivity increase!  Help staff reduce stress of the office while helping them to improve levels of concentration.
Spiky Ball

Company Culture

In today's competitive culture, employees are increasingly interested in working in companies that value quality of life and healthy lifestyle.  Happy and healthy employees drive results!

What Am I Getting?

A personalized program tailored to meet the needs and desires of your company within its unique culture and setting. Pilates sessions are 55 minutes each, and we can discuss your needs ranging from a 1 time staff retreat to ongoing classes at your company.  Contact Beth to discuss the possibilities and pricing.

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